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Yes, you can throw them. You monster.

Florbs (fluid orbs) are a type of 'tool' added by Thermal Expansion. They can be filled with fluids and then thrown like Snowballs. Thrown Florbs release their contained fluids on impact, potentially wreaking havoc in the process.

There are two kinds of Florbs: regular Florbs and Magmatic Florbs. Regular Florbs cannot hold very hot fluids like Lava and Blazing Pyrotheum, but Magmatic Florbs can.


Florb (Empty)

Shapeless Crafting

Magmatic Florb (Empty)

Shapeless Crafting
Magmatic Florb (Empty)

Shapeless Crafting


In order to be usable, a Florb needs to be filled with 1000 mB (one bucket) of any placeable fluid. This can be done in a Fluid Transposer or similar device.

Using a filled Florb in the world will throw it like a Snowball. Thrown Florbs have roughly the same physics as Snowballs, but they tend to fly farther when filled with fluids that are lighter than air, like Energized Glowstone.

Once a thrown Florb collides with something in the world, it will break and release its contained fluid into the world. If the fluid cannot be placed somehow, the Florb will not break and instead drop itself as an item.

Regular Florbs cannot be filled with very hot fluids: fluids with a temperature of 1000 or higher. Magmatic Florbs, however, can. Magmatic Florbs may therefore be seen as the more dangerous of the two.

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