Regular, Hardened, Signalum-Plated and Super-Laminar

Fluiducts are blocks added by Thermal Dynamics. They transport fluids between tanks and blocks that needs fluids. There are several types of Fluiducts, including ones that can move fluids at faster speeds, or ones that double as Fluxducts.

Every type of Fluiduct has a transparent version and an opaque version. Opaque Fluiducts do not render any fluids that flow through them.




When placed, Fluiducts connect to adjacent tanks and other Fluiducts. Networks of Fluiducts are able to transport fluids between tanks if at least one route of connected Fluiducts is available. Fluiduct connections can be closed and reopened by using a Crescent Hammer on them.

Servos and Retrievers can be used to extract fluids from tanks and run them through a Fluiduct network. Other devices that have explicit support for Fluiducts can also eject fluids into them. All devices in the CoFH mods that can eject fluids have support for Fluiducts.

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