Sends all the things to /dev/null!

The Nullifier is one of the Devices added by Thermal Expansion. It simply destroys any items and fluids that it receives.

By default, the Nullifier can accept items and fluids through its front side. If the Integrated Modular Framework Augment is installed, other sides may also be configured to accept items and fluids.

If disabled with the Integrated Redstone Circuit Augment, the Nullifier does not accept anything through its input sides, but still destroys any items that are manually placed in it.


Shaped Crafting


1. Input Slot
Any items placed in this slot are instantly destroyed.
2. Information Tab
Displays a bit of information about the Nullifier.
3. Tutorial Tab
Explains various things about the Nullifier and the other tabs in the GUI.
4. Augmentation Tab
Allows installing Augments in the Device.
5. Security Tab
Allows setting who is allowed to access the Nullifier. Only available if a Signalum Security Lock is installed.
6. Redstone Control Tab
Allows setting how the Nullifier responds to Redstone signals. Only available if the Integrated Redstone Circuit Augment is installed.
7. Configuration Tab
Allows configuring which sides of the Nullifier can receive items and fluids. Only available if the Integrated Modular Framework Augment is installed.
8. Player Inventory
The inventory and hotbar of the player that is accessing the Nullifier.
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