Mod Support

Other than the support with other mods gained through Minecraft Forge, Thermal Expansion integrates with a bunch of mods in particular. This page lists those mods, and how Thermal Expansion integrates with them.

Not Enough Items

The recipes of most Machines that process items or fluids can be looked up through NEI. Furthermore, Machinist's Workbenches have support for NEI's ? button, which automatically draws recipes onto the crafting grid.

MineFactory Reloaded

Phyto-Gro and Rich Phyto-Gro can be used by the Fertilizer to grow plants quickly. Rich Phyto-Gro lasts much longer than Phyto-Gro in this machine.


The Fluid Transposer can extract Honey, Fruit Juice and Seed Oil from various items, just like Forestry's Squeezer can.

Equivalent Exchange 3

The recipe lists of most Machines are registered with EE3, so that it can calculate more accurate EMC values with them.


Machines and various tools and materials in the mod are given appropriate Aspects for research or extracting Essentia.

Thermal Expansion
Machines Redstone Furnace Pulverizer Sawmill Induction Smelter Phytogenic Insolator Compactor Magma Crucible Fractionating Still Fluid Transposer Energetic Infuser Centrifugal Separator Glacial Precipitator Igneous Extruder
Devices Aqueous Accumulator Nullifier Thermal Mediator Arboreal Extractor Item Allocator
Dynamos Steam Dynamo Magmatic Dynamo Compression Dynamo Reactant Dynamo Enervation Dynamo Numismatic Dynamo
Storage Energy Cell Flux Capacitor Portable Tank Cache Strongbox Satchel
Tiers Upgrade Kits Conversion Kits
Redstone Furnace Flux Anodizers Pyrolytic Conversion Trivection Chamber
Pulverizer Tectonic Initator
Sawmill Resin Funnel
Induction Smelter Pyro-Concentrator
Phytogenic Insolator Mycelium Substrate Nether Substrate Ender Substrate Sapling Infuser
Compactor Numismatic Press
Magma Crucible Pyroconvective Loop
Energetic Infuser Flux Linkage Concentrator
Glacial Precipitator Flurry Stratum Permafrost Compressor
Igneous Extruder Andesitic Subduction Dioritic Subduction Granitic Subduction Pyroclastic Injection
Steam Turbine Conversion
Magmatic Isentropic Reservoir
Compression Closed-Loop Cooling Ignition Plugs
Reactant Elemental Catalyzer
Numismatic Lapidary Calibration
Items Frame (Machine Device Energy Cell) Florb (Magmatic)
Other Coolants Mod Support

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