October 1 updates

On October 1, new updates were released for Redstone Flux, CoFH Core, CoFH World, the Thermal Series, the Vanilla+ Series and Redstone Arsenal.

Changelogs on GitHub


CoFH Core

  • Vorpal now has a visual effect when dealing increased damage.

CoFH World

  • World generation files may contain a string value namespace to avoid feature name conflicts between files.
  • New distribution types: sequential and custom.
  • New feature types: spout, structure, sequential and consecutive.
  • These will be properly described in CoFH World’s documentation, which is currently being rewritten. For now, you’ll have to ask Skyboy on the Discord server.

Thermal Foundation

  • Excavators
    • Like hammers, except they’re shovels.
  • New gear types
    • Wood, stone, diamond and emerald.
    • These aren’t used for anything by default, but they can be used by modpack developers.
  • Gear crafting recipes no longer use a center ingot.
  • Increased the amount of dirt that can be crafted using pulped biomass.
  • Added an example configuration for generating platinum ore (disabled by default).

Thermal Expansion

  • Machines no longer abort processing immediately when deactivated by a redstone signal.
  • Pulverizer recipes tweaked:
    • cobblestone is processed into gravel and sand;
    • gravel is processed into sand and flint;
    • stone is processed into cobblestone;
    • stone requires less energy to process.
  • Sawmills can recycle saddles.
  • Induction smelters can recycle iron bars, iron trapdoors, minecarts and rails.
  • Steam dynamos can use pulverized coal and pulverized charcoal as fuel.

Redstone Arsenal

Vanilla+ Tools

Please report any bugs on the issue tracker.

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