Augment: Auxiliary Sieve

Auxiliary sieve augment

An auxiliary sieve is an augment that increases the chances of an applicable machine producing a secondary product.





An auxiliary sieve can be installed in the Augmentation tab in a machine’s GUI. It can be installed multiple times, stacking its effects.

Auxiliary sieves can only be installed in machines that can produce secondary products, like pulverizers and induction smelters.


Installed auxiliary sieves increase the chances of a machine producing a secondary product. However, they also increase the amount of energy required per operation.

Installed amount Chance multiplier (approx.) Chance multiplier (exact) Energy increase
1 × 1.18 × 1 3/17 + 10%
2 × 1.43 × 1 3/7 + 20%
3 × 1.82 × 1 9/11 + 30%
4 × 2.5 × 2 1/2 + 40%

For example, if a machine is processing something that has a 35% chance of producing a secondary product, and two auxiliary sieves are installed, the chance is multiplied by approximately 1.43, raising it to 50%.

If the chance for a secondary product is raised to above 100%, the secondary product is guaranteed to be produced at least once. The remainder of the chance (e.g. 25% for a 125% chance) becomes the chance of the secondary product being produced twice.

If auxiliary sieves are installed together with other augments that increase the amount of energy required per operation, their energy increase percentages are added together before being applied to the amount of energy.

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