Augment: Ender Substrate

Ender substrate augment

An ender substrate is an augment that allows for a phytogenic insolator to grow crops from the End, such as chorus plants.





An ender substrate can be installed in the Augmentation tab in a phytogenic insolator’s GUI. It is a specialization that cannot be installed together with other specialization augments.


An installed ender substrate adds some extra recipes to a phytogenic insolator. These recipes allow for crops from the End to be grown.

If another mod adds trees in the End, those can also be grown by installing both an ender substrate and a sapling infuser.


Result(s) Ingredients Energy Ender Substrate recipe
Chorus Plant x2
Chorus Flower
Chorus Flower +
Phyto-Gro +
Water (500 mB)
5000 RF
Chorus Plant x6
Chorus Flower
Chorus Flower +
Rich Phyto-Gro +
Water (750 mB)
7500 RF
Chorus Plant x8
Chorus Flower
Chorus Flower +
Fluxed Phyto-Gro +
Water (1000 mB)
10000 RF

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