Augment: Flux Linkage Concentrator

Flux linkage concentrator augment

A flux linkage concentrator is an augment that greatly increases the charging speed of an energetic infuser when charging items that hold Redstone Flux.





A flux linkage concentrator can be installed in the Augmentation tab in an energetic infuser’s GUI. It is a specialization that cannot be installed together with other specialization augments.


An installed flux linkage concentrator greatly increases an energetic infuser’s maximum power usage when charging items that hold Redstone Flux, thereby greatly increasing its charging speed. The increased maximum power usage depends on the machine’s tier.

Tier Increased max. power usage
Basic 1,000 RF/t
Hardened 4,000 RF/t
Reinforced 9,000 RF/t
Signalum 16,000 RF/t
Resonant / Creative 25,000 RF/t

An energetic infuser with a flux linkage concentrator installed will still be limited by the maximum charging rate of items it charges.

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