In Thermal Expansion, certain fluids are registered as coolants. They may be used when generating or consuming Redstone Flux.


Coolants are used by compression dynamos, magmatic dynamos with isentropic reservoirs installed and thermal mediators.

Every coolant has a thermal capacity (TC), which specifies for how long a certain amount of it is effective before being consumed, and a coolant factor, which specifies how effective it is.

Fluid Thermal capacity (1000 mB) Coolant factor
Water 250,000 TC 20%
Gelid Cryotheum 3,000,000 TC 60%
Crushed Ice (Forestry) 1,500,000 TC 40%
Distilled Water (IndustrialCraft²) 300,000 TC 25%
Coolant (IndustrialCraft²) 2,000,000 TC 50%

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