Flux Crystal

Flux crystal

Flux crystals are raw materials made from diamonds and destabilized redstone.



Fluid Transposer

Ingredients Energy Fluid Transposer recipe
Diamond +
Destabilized Redstone (500 mB)
400 RF


Crafting ingredient

Numismatic Dynamo with Lapidary Calibration

When used as fuel in a numismatic dynamo with a lapidary calibration installed, flux crystals yield 1,500,000 RF each.

Redstone Arsenal
Flux-Infused Tools Pickaxe Shovel Axe Fishing Rod Hammer Sickle OmniWrench
Flux-Infused Weapons Sword Bow Quiver Shield BattleWrench
Flux-Infused Armor Helm Chestplate Leggings Boots
Materials Fluxed Electrum (Ingot Blend Nugget Gear Plate Block) Flux Crystal (Block) Obsidian Rod (Flux-Infused) Fluxed Armor Plating

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