Redstone furnace

Machines are blocks that process items and/or fluids using Redstone Flux. They can be upgraded and augmented.

List of machines

Machine Description
Redstone Furnace Smelts items, and cooks food very quickly.
Pulverizer Crushes items. Can be used to process ores.
Sawmill Cuts logs into planks and reprocesses wooden things.
Induction Smelter Smelts things together at high temperatures. Can be used to process ores.
Phytogenic Insolator Grows and multiplies plants.
Compactor Compresses items into different forms.
Magma Crucible Melts items into fluids.
Fractionating Still Refines fluids.
Fluid Transposer Fills or empties things that hold fluids, like buckets.
Energetic Infuser Charges items.
Centrifugal Separator Separates items into their components.
Glacial Precipitator Freezes water into various items.
Igneous Extruder Mixes water and lava into various items, notably cobblestone.

Machine Frame

All machines are crafted from machine frames.


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