Strongbox (Basic)

A strongbox is a block that stores items. It is functionally similar to a chest, but can be moved and secured. At higher tiers, it also stores more items.


A placed strongbox can be instantly picked up by dismantling it with a crescent hammer. Its stored items and configuration are preserved in the item. It can also be mined using a pickaxe, though this can be much slower.


Ingredients Crafting recipe
Chest +
Tin Ingot


A strongbox is initially at the lowest tier (basic). It can be upgraded to higher tiers using upgrade kits and conversion kits.



When placed, a strongbox faces the player. It can face any of the four cardinal directions, and can be rotated using a crescent hammer or similar.

Manual usage

A placed strongbox is functionally similar to a chest. When used, it is opened so that items can be manually put in or taken out.

Strongboxes cannot store certain items that can themselves store items, like other strongboxes or satchels.

Input and output

Items can enter and exit a strongbox through any of its sides.


A strongbox can have a signalum security lock installed to restrict who can access it.


A strongbox can be enchanted with Holding to increase its capacity.

Holding level Capacity increase (slots)
I +9
II +18
III +27
IV +36


Strongboxes come in six tiers.

Tier Capacity (slots) Note
Basic 18  
Hardened 36  
Reinforced 54  
Signalum 72  
Resonant 90  
Creative 1 Provides an unlimited amount of the item it stores.


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