Certain blocks and items added by Thermal Expansion come in six tiers. They can be upgraded to higher tiers to make them more powerful.


Upgradable blocks are upgraded using upgrade kits and conversion kits. Upgradable items are upgraded through crafting recipes.

The following blocks and items can be upgraded:

List of tiers

Tier Common materials Description
Basic Various materials Newly crafted blocks and items are at this tier.
Hardened Invar  
Reinforced Electrum, hardened glass  
Signalum Signalum, cryotheum dust  
Resonant Enderium, pyrotheum dust The highest tier that can be legitimately obtained in survival mode.
Creative N/A Only available in creative mode or using commands.

Creative blocks and items are usually capable of things that are too powerful for survival mode, but can be useful for testing or experimenting. For instance, blocks and items that store things will provide an infinite amount of what they store.

Placed creative blocks cannot be broken in survival mode. They can, however, be dismantled with a crescent hammer.

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