Status effects

CoFH Core adds a group of status effects to the game. These are not used by CoFH Core itself; they are just made available for the other mods.

List of status effects

Name Description Type
Blast Resistance Blast Resistance Grants immunity to explosion damage. Positive
Chilled Chilled Reduces movement speed and attack damage. Negative
Clarity Clarity When gaining experience, increases the amount by 40 * level percent. Positive
Enderference Enderference Makes endermen unable to teleport, and makes players unable to teleport using ender pearls. Neutral
Love Love Causes animals to enter love mode. Positive
Magic Resistance Magic Resistance Grants immunity to magic damage (such as instant damage potions). Positive
Panacea Panacea Grants immunity to negative status effects. Positive
Shock Resistance Shock Resistance Grants immunity to lightning strike damage. Positive

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