Ensorcellation (Minecraft 1.16)

I see you want to know more about the magic of Ensorcellation.

Note: These values are based off of an unchanged config for Ensorcellation. Things such as “obtained” may not be correct if the config has been changed in the pack you are playing or if you have changed the configs yourself. Configs can be found in the save folder, serverconfig, ensorcellation. These can then be applied to new worlds by moving it to the defaultconfigs folder.

Damage Enchants: Damage enchants include, sharpness, ender disruption, bane of arthropods, smite, outlaw, vigilante, magic edge, instigating.

Name Levels Description Obtained Incompatible With Applies to
Air Affinity I Removes the mining speed penalty when not on the ground. Examples include on ladders or in flight Enchanting None Helmets
Angler’s Bounty I-II Increases items caught when fishing Treasure None Fishing Rods
Bulwark I Prevents the wielder from being knocked back and can disable an attacker’s wepaon Enchanting None Shields
Cavalier I-III Increases damage when riding something Enchanting None Weapons
Chilling Rebuke I-III Slows and weakens attackers while knocking them away Enchanting Flaming Rebuke, Displacement, Thorns Chestplates
Curse of Foolishness I Prevents experience gain Curse None Helmets
Curse of Mercy I Prevents a weapon from dealing a lethal blow Curse None Weapons
Displacement I-III Randomly teleports attackers away Enchanting Chilling Rebuke, Flaming Rebuke, Thorns Chestplates
Ender Disruption I-V Increases damage dealt to Ender mobs and inhibits teleportation Enchanting Damage Enchants Weapons
Excavating I-II Harvests additional blocks in radius Treasure None Pickaxes, Shovels
Flaming Rebuke I-III Sets attackers on fire while knocking them away Enchanting Chilling Rebuke, Displacement, Thorns Chestplates
Frost Aspect I-II Slows and weakens the target Enchanting Fire Aspect Weapons
Furrowing I-IV Tills additional blocks in a line Enchanting Tilling Hoes
Gourmand I-II Food is more nourishing and satisfying when consumed Enchanting None Helmets
Hunter’s Bounty I-II Provides a chance of additional drops from slain animals Treasure None Bows
Insight I-III Increases experience gain when using the item Enchanting None Helmets
Instigating I Deals additional damage if the target is at full health Enchanting Damage Enchants Weapons
Leech I-IV Restores health when a mob is killed Enchanting None Weapons
Magic Edge I-III Slightly increases damage dealt and converts it to magic damage Treasure Damage Enchants Weapons
Magic Protection I-IV Reduces damage taken from magical sources Enchanting All Protections Armor
Outlaw I-V Increases damage done to villager mobs Enchanting Damage Enchants Weapons
Phalanx I-II Allows the wielder to move faster when using a shield Enchanting None Shields
Pilfering I May steal a piece of armor from hooked targets Treasure None Fishing Rods
Quick Draw I-III Decreases the amount of time needed to fully draw a bow Enchanting None Bows
Reach I-III Increases the distance that the wielder can interact with blocks Enchanting None Chestplates
Soulbound I The item will remain with the owner after an untimely demise Enchanting None Almost all enchantables
Tilling I-IV Tills additional blocks in a radius Treasure Furrowing Hoes
Trueshot I-II Increases the accuracy and speed of arrows, and allows them to pierce Enchanting Volley Bows
Vigilante I-V Increases damage dealt to Illager mobs Enchanting Damage Enchants Weapons
Vitality I-III Increases the maximum health of the wearer Enchanting None Chestplate
Volley I Three arrows are fired in an arc. Only one arrow is consumed Enchanting Trueshot Bows
Vorpal I-III Randomly performs powerful attacks and decapitations Enchanting None Weapons
Weeding I Clears plants while tilling blocks Enchanting None Hoes

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