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A sawmill is a machine that processes wood into wood planks more efficiently than by hand. It can also be used to recycle various wooden things.


A placed sawmill can be instantly picked up by dismantling it with a crescent hammer. Its configuration is preserved in the item. It can also be mined using a pickaxe, though this is quite slow.



A sawmill is initially at the lowest tier (basic). It can be upgraded to higher tiers using upgrade kits and conversion kits.



When items are placed in a sawmill’s input slot, the machine will start consuming Redstone Flux to process them. Every item requires a certain amount of energy to process. When enough energy has been consumed for an item, the input is consumed and the output is placed in the primary output slot. A secondary output may be produced when processing certain items, which is placed in the secondary output slot.

When installed, a resin funnel makes a sawmill produce fluid byproducts, which are placed in an added output tank.

The speed at which a sawmill processes items depends on how much energy it can use per tick. This in turn depends on how much power is being supplied, and on the machine’s maximum power usage. A basic sawmill has a maximum power usage of 20 RF/t. This can be increased by upgrading the machine to a higher tier, and by installing certain augments.

Input and output

Items and fluids can enter and exit a sawmill through its sides. Every side of a sawmill may correspond to its input slot, one of its output slots (and possibly its output tank), or certain slots/tanks at the same time.

A sawmill can automatically transfer items or fluids out of any sides that directly correspond to its output slot/tank. This is called auto-output. It can also transfer items from adjacent inventories into any sides that directly correspond to its input slot. This is called auto-input. Auto-output and auto-input occur whenever the machine finishes processing an item, or every 32 ticks (1.6 seconds) if the machine is inactive. Auto-output for fluids occurs whenever there is a fluid in the output tank.

Which sides correspond to which slots/tanks and whether auto-output and auto-input are enabled can be configured using the Configuration tab in the machine’s GUI.

Redstone control

A sawmill may be configured to respond to redstone signals. It can be in one of three modes:

Redstone control is disabled. The sawmill works whenever possible. This is the default mode.
The sawmill works when not powered. When powered, it stops working.
The sawmill only works when powered.

The current mode can be set using the Redstone Control tab in the machine’s GUI.

When a sawmill must stop working due to a redstone signal and is still processing an item, it will finish processing that item before stopping.


A sawmill can have a signalum security lock installed to restrict who can access it.


A sawmill’s configuration can be saved on a redprint to be copied to other sawmills.


Sawmills come in six tiers.

Tier Max. power usage Augment slots Max. items per auto-transfer Max. fluid auto-output rate Note
Basic 20 RF/t 0 8 100 mB/t  
Hardened 30 RF/t 1 16 300 mB/t  
Reinforced 40 RF/t 2 28 600 mB/t  
Signalum 50 RF/t 3 44 1000 mB/t  
Resonant 60 RF/t 4 64 1500 mB/t  
Creative 60 RF/t 4 64 1500 mB/t Only obtainable in creative mode.


A sawmill can have augments installed to improve certain properties or to change how it works. Augments can be installed in the Augmentation tab in a sawmill’s GUI.

Augment Installable in Description
Auxiliary Reception Coil Auxiliary Reception Coil Any machine Increases a machine's maximum power usage (speed) by 1x its base maximum power usage. However, the amount of energy required per operation is also increased. Can be installed multiple times.
Auxiliary Sieve Auxiliary Sieve Machines with
secondary outputs
Increases the chance for a machine to produce secondary outputs. However, the amount of energy required per operation is also increased. Can be installed multiple times.
Nullification Chamber Nullification Chamber Machines with
secondary outputs
Destroys excess secondary outputs when a machine's secondary output slot is full, allowing it to keep working.
Resin Funnel Resin Funnel Sawmill Allows for a sawmill to extract fluids from wood while processing it, like resin and sap.


Wood processing

Result(s) Ingredients Energy Sawmill recipe
Wood Planks
Any Wood
800 RF


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