This is a list of terms that frequently appear in modded Minecraft.


Various implementations of energy systems exist in modded Minecraft, like steam power, Energy Units, Charge and Joules. The various Team CoFH mods typically use the Redstone Flux system, which is also supported by a wide variety of other mods.


Type of matter that cannot be stored in inventories like items, but must be stored in tanks instead, or in fluid container items like buckets. Fluid amounts are expressed in millibuckets. Thermal Foundation adds various kinds of fluids. Water and lava from vanilla Minecraft are also considered fluids.


Anything that can hold items is considered an inventory. This includes chests, furnaces and most kinds of machines added by mods.

Millibucket (mB)

Unit used to express amounts of fluid. Derived from buckets, the original fluid containers. One bucket can store 1,000 mB of fluid.

Power (RF/t)

The rate of energy being transferred or converted. In the Redstone Flux energy system, this is expressed as RF/t, which stands for RF per tick.


Can be one of two things depending on context: an abbreviation for Redstone Flux, or a unit used to express amounts of Redstone Flux energy.


Anything that can store fluids is considered a type of tank. Tanks may consist of entire blocks, but certain blocks or items that work with fluids may also have internal tanks of their own.

Tick (t)

The most basic unit of time in Minecraft. If the game or server is running at an optimal tick rate, one tick is equal to 1/20 of a second. Ticks are commonly used to express rates like RF/t or mB/t. Using seconds would be unreliable, due to the possibility of a fluctuating tick rate.

Tick rate (TPS)

How many times the game ticks per second. Optimally, the tick rate is 20 ticks per second. However, if the computer running the game or server cannot keep up, the amount of ticks per second decreases, making the game run slower. If this happens often, it may harm the game’s playability.

Vanilla Minecraft

Minecraft without any mods installed, or at least without mods that add new content to the game.

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