Low Hanging Fruit

So for the past week or so, I’ve decided to focus on some “low hanging fruit,” although it probably isn’t really fair to call it that.

These are just some of the things that I’ve wanted to add to Thermal Expansion for a while. So on a high level, I wanted to tackle two vanilla systems that Thermal Expansion hasn’t had any interaction with:

  • Brewing
  • Enchanting

And in doing so, I actually ended up knocking out a few more requests along the way. At the moment I’m still doing internal testing, but when the next TE patch is released for 1.12, it will be one of the largest in a long time. Off the top of my head, it will contain:

New Machines:

  • Alchemical Imbuer
    • This brews potions, in fluid form. You can chain a bunch of them together.
  • Arcane Ensorcellator
    • An enchanter, requires a book, item, and Essence of Knowledge (fluid XP).

New Devices:

  • Fluid Allocator
    • Like the Item Allocator, except with fluids. Three tanks, all lockable.
  • Lexical Transmuter
    • Forge Lexicon in Block form. Remembers up to 9 distinct items.
  • Insightful Condenser
    • An XP collecting block which can provide bonus XP if fed lapis or soul sand.
  • Decoctive Diffuser
    • A block which spreads a potion effect over a small area. Uses fluid potions.

Along with all this, there are new Augments coming. Seven (7) of them at the moment, but if I get more coded before release, then who knows.

There’s also a small rework to the Phytogenic Insolator. I decided to remove the “Substrate” augments as they did not really provide any extra gameplay. I’ve also adjusted the recipe balance of the machine somewhat.

XP and Potions are added as Fluids, if that wasn’t apparent. They have full support in the Fluid Transposer and Fractionating Still, of course. The Still in particular has a new Augment which will allow for Potion to be refined. This progressively increases the potency of the effect, but lowers the duration.

And there’s JEI support, naturally.


JEI - Potion Brewing

JEI - Potion Refining

JEI - Enchanting

Fluid Experience

GUI - Fluid Buffer

GUI - Lexicon

GUI - Potion Diffuser

Augment - Brewer

Augment - Insolator

Augment - Smelter

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