Wrenches (Minecraft 1.12)

Crescent hammer

Wrenches are tools that can be used to configure, rotate or dismantle compatible blocks.

List of wrenches

These are the wrenches added by the CoFH mods. Many mods add a type of wrench or a similar item, some of which are compatible with the CoFH mods.

Thermal Series

Redstone Arsenal


The following applies to all the wrenches added by the CoFH mods, and may apply to wrenches or similar items added by other mods.

Configuring and rotating

When used on a block, a wrench will attempt to either configure it, or rotate it. What ‘configuring’ a block means depends on the type of block.


When used on a compatible block while the user is sneaking, a wrench will attempt to dismantle it. When dismantled, a block is instantly dropped as an item.

Most blocks in Thermal Expansion and Thermal Dynamics can be dismantled, as well as hardened glass.

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