January 2 updates

On January 2, new updates were released for CoFH Core, the Thermal Series and Redstone Arsenal.


Thermal Foundation

Thermal Expansion

  • Morbs
    • Throwable items that can be used to capture and release mobs. (Thanks ImbaKnugel)
    • These will be expanded on in the future. (mob processing)
  • Void satchel
    • A special type of satchel that destroys any items put into it.
    • Can be useful when paired with auto-collect.
  • Satchel contents can now only be dumped into inventories while sneaking.
  • Induction smelters now smelt one metal dust at a time for 500 RF, instead of two at a time for 800 RF.

Thermal Dynamics

  • Redstone Relay
    • This was gone for a while, but it’s back now. (Thanks ImbaKnugel)
    • Transmits redstone signals through a duct network.
    • Can be in one of 16 channels.

Report any bugs on the issue tracker.

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