1st Milestone!

So, we’ve just crossed the first Patreon milestone. I don’t even know what to say. Thank you all SO much for the support.

We’re at the point now where textures are being added and some render tweaks are being finalized.

1.7.2 had a lot of render bugs that we compensated for. When 1.7.10 rolled around, those fixes conflicted with our fixes, so now we have to figure out what the new fixes are.

As far as everything coming down the pipe, here’s what to expect:

CoFH Core:

  • Common Framework for both MineFactory Reloaded and Thermal Expansion now.

  • HD Capes are going away, we’re respecting Mojang’s wishes on that one, obviously.

  • World Gen is being changed for more flexibility and power. JSON-based files.

Thermal Foundation:

  • We’ve taken the resources and a lot of the material items and put them here. This is essentially a resource mod that packs can use without requiring TE.

  • The fluids - Redstone, Glowstone, Ender, Pyrotheum, Cryotheum, Mana, Coal, and Steam are also in here.

  • The Forge Lexicon will be returning, in a slightly different form.

Thermal Expansion:

  • “Conduits” are being renamed to “Ducts”- they’re all “conduit” in the code, but the different names confuse people. It’s all the same code. So, “Fluxduct” from here on out. However, Ducts will not actually be part of Thermal Expansion, but rather a standalone mod. This keeps TE a bit more light weight and also gives pack creators the option of having Ducts without the rest of TE, which is fine.

  • New stuff: Caches, Sponges, Satchels, Machine and Dynamo Augments, and some tools. More to come, potentially.

~King Lemming

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