Whas goin' on

I’ll try and do one of these every week or so, just so people know stuff is still happening.

Code-wise, a ton of refactoring and polishing happened over the last few days. We’re making sure that everything is intuitive for players and fellow modders alike.

On the feature front, we added Redprints this week - schematic-like items which let you copy settings from one machine to another. There’s also an API and some helpers for these, so in theory, anyone using CoFHLib can make use of these OR add their own items that will work on TE’s machines.

We’re figuring out textures and redoing some localization things. Sounds may or may not happen, depending on how configurable and non-obnoxious we can make them. Ideally, the release order will be CoFHLib/Core, and then the mods a couple days later.

A lot of the crossmod support has been removed from TE, if only because the state of some mods is up in the air. The Bucket and Wrench turtles, for example, have to wait a while, as ComputerCraft isn’t updated for 1.7. Specific Forestry compatibility will be shunted to a side mod, given the nature of that particular project at the moment.

Ducts will be a fair bit later, as we want a really awesome and modular API for interacting with these things this go around. There’s a lot of thought that goes into doing this, given their code complexity.

Still no solid ETA, but we’ll shoot for a release this month, though it will most certainly be flagged as a “beta.”

I’m not entirely convinced that’s a bad thing given that Forge isn’t fully ready for 1.7.10 yet it would seem.

I can promise it’ll happen before Half Life 3, though. And XyCraft.

~King Lemming

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