December 24 updates

On December 24, new updates were released for CoFH Core, CoFH World, the Thermal Series and Redstone Arsenal.


  • Various refactors and bugfixes (see the issue tracker).
  • Some minor recipe adjustments.

Thermal Foundation

  • Tomes of knowledge take and give as much experience as possible when used, instead of one level at a time.
    • They can also be filled with OpenBlocks’s liquid XP, converting it into experience.
  • Hardened glass is now wither proof.

Thermal Expansion

  • Machines
    • Fluid transposers can now make tipped arrows using fluid lingering potions.
    • The glacial precipitator has been reworked. It now lets you select a recipe from a list, and is thus no longer limited to 3 products.
      • Producing snow layers and packed ice no longer requires augments.
    • The igneous extruder has been reworked in a similar way as the precipitator.
      • Producing granite, diorite and andesite no longer requires augments.
  • Storage
    • Reservoir
      • An item that stores fluids. It can be used as a bucket, and can refill equipment.
    • New satchel functionality:
      • They can automatically store picked up items. Each satchel can be configured to only collect specific items.
      • They can be used on blocks that store items to dump their contents.
  • Augments

Thermal Dynamics

  • Covers can now be made from nearly all blocks, except specific blacklisted ones that really wouldn’t work as covers.

Redstone Arsenal

  • Unbreaking on flux-infused equipment is now chance-based, instead of permanently reducing energy usage.

Report any bugs on the issue tracker.

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