A satchel is an item that stores other items. It is able to automatically store picked up items.




Item storage

A satchel can be opened by using it. When opened, items can be put in or taken out, like with chests.

Satchels cannot store certain items that can themselves store items, such as other satchels.

Item transfer

A satchel’s contents can be transferred into a block that stores items by using the satchel on the block while sneaking.


A satchel is able to automatically store items picked up by its user. This is called auto-collect. Auto-collect can be enabled and disabled by pressing “Cycle Item Mode” (V by default) while holding the satchel.

A satchel can be configured to only auto-collect items that match a given list of items. This can be done by using the satchel while sneaking. It has various options that determine how this list is used to match items.

Treat the list of items as a blacklist (store all items except these) or as a whitelist (only store these items). The list is used as a blacklist by default.
Ore Dictionary
Match items that are considered equivalent, like the various versions of copper and tin ingots added by different mods. This is ignored by default.
Match items by their exact metadata / damage value. This is ignored by default.
Match items by their exact NBT data. This is ignored by default.


The body and flap of a satchel can be dyed by combining the satchel with dyes in a crafting grid. The body and/or flap are dyed depending on the dyes’ positions around the satchel in the crafting grid. The dyes can be removed by placing the satchel in a crafting grid.


A satchel can be secured to restrict who can access it. This is done by combining the satchel with obsidian in a crafting grid. A secured satchel can be in one of three modes:

Public Access
Anyone can access the satchel. This is the default mode.
The owner and any of their friends can access the satchel.
Owner Only
Only the owner can access the satchel.

The current mode can be set using the Security tab in the satchel’s GUI.

When dropped, a secured satchel cannot be destroyed by things like lava and cacti. However, it still despawns after a while.


A satchel can be enchanted with Holding to increase its capacity.

Holding level Capacity increase (slots)
I + 9
II + 18
III + 27
IV + 36


Satchels come in five tiers.

Type Capacity (slots) Auto-collect filter slots Note
Basic 9 3  
Iron 18 6  
Gold 27 9  
Diamond 36 12  
Emerald 45 15  
Void 1 15 Destroys any items it receives.

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