Note: This site is still under a lot of work. We are updating it when we have time. You can visit the wiki for TE2 for some valid information here. Thanks! ~CoFHTeam

Thermal Expansion does not currently and will not in the future have ducts in it, they will be a separate mod when they are finished.

For any Thermal Expansion issues, please verify that they have not been reported yet on GitHub, and if not, report them yourself. (GitHub)

Please do not report issues unless you are actually playing the most up to date version.

Also feel free to join us on IRC: #ThermalExpansion @ (Click to open webchat.)

NOTE: Website Under Construction (to an extent)

We still have some progress to make on the site to make it what it needs to be, but at this point the site should be considered reliable enough for use. :-)

If for some reason the Downloads page fails to load, you can view all of our currently-available releases at:

Thanks for bearing with us while we make improvements to the site!