Thermal Expansion Icon

Thermal Expansion

Machines, Devices, Tools, a system of energy that sets standards, Fluids, and things you can throw!

MineFactory Reloaded

Machines, roads, conveyor belts, decorative blocks, pink slimes, and rubber trees - and that's just the beginning!

Core Mods

The dependencies for all Team CoFH mods, with custom ore generation, flat bedrock, and all of the essential ores, fluids, and blocks needed for Team CoFH mods!

Redstone Arsenal

Tools and weapons that run on Redstone Flux - the standard power of CoFH - with lots of unique abilities!

Nether Ores

Ores in the Nether! Coal, diamond, gold, iron, lapis, redstone, tin, copper, and more!

Note: This site still has some work to be done. We are updating it when we have time. ~CoFHTeam

Thermal Expansion does not currently and will not in the future have ducts in it, you can find them in the new mod, Thermal Dynamics.

Please do not report issues unless you are actually playing the most up to date version.

Also feel free to join us on IRC: #ThermalExpansion @ (Click to open webchat.)