May 29 updates

On May 29, new updates were released for Redstone Flux, CoFH Core, CoFH World, the Thermal Series and Redstone Arsenal.

The documentation will be updated soon to match the new releases.

Changelogs on GitHub


CoFH Core

  • Smashing enchantment
  • Additional arrows fired from a Multishot enchanted bow can now hit a single entity simultaneously.
  • Firing arrows using a Multishot enchanted bow is slightly less accurate.

CoFH World

  • Added a configuration option to completely disable all feature generation.
  • World generation files can be disabled completely by adding "enabled": false.
  • The load order of world generation files can be changed by setting a number value priority.

Thermal Foundation

Thermal Expansion

Thermal Dynamics

  • Added support for other mods to add custom duct attachments.

Redstone Arsenal

Please report any bugs on the issue tracker.

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