April 25 updates

On April 25, new updates were released for CoFH Core, the Thermal Series and Redstone Arsenal.

It took a while to update the documentation for these updates, which is why this post is also a bit late. The post for the next updates will probably be written before the docs are updated.


CoFH Core

  • New potion types
    • Potion of Luck (applies Luck)
    • Potion of Misfortune (applies Bad Luck)
  • Insight can be applied to bows.
  • Infinity enchanted bows work without requiring a single arrow in the user’s inventory.
  • All enchantments and potion types added by CoFH Core can now be disabled.

Thermal Foundation

Thermal Expansion

Thermal Dynamics

  • Dense and Vacuum Itemducts
    • These were gone for a long time, but they’re back now.
    • Affect item routing by dramatically increasing or decreasing the length of a route.
    • Can be used to prioritize certain destinations over others.

Thermal Innovation

Redstone Arsenal

Please report any bugs on the issue tracker.

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