Vanilla+ Tools and Satchels

Two new CoFH mods have just been released: Vanilla+ Tools and Vanilla+ Satchels. They are part of the new “Vanilla+” series, a group of lightweight mods intended for use in lightly modded or low-technology modpacks. Both mods require CoFH Core to run.

Documentation for the mods will be added to the website soon. For now, here’s a quick overview:

Vanilla+ Tools

Vanilla+ Tools overview

Vanilla+ Tools adds additional tools and weapons made of wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond. They are the same types of additional tools and weapons that Thermal Foundation provides: hammers, sickles, fishing rods, shears, reinforced bows and shields.

Vanilla+ Satchels

Vanilla+ Satchels overview

Vanilla+ Satchels adds a set of satchels, which are items that store other items, and are able to automatically store picked up items. They are functionally identical to the satchels added by Thermal Expansion, but are made of leather, iron, gold, diamond and emerald.

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