Iron sickle

Sickles are tools that can be used to break large amounts of plant-like blocks at once. They are especially useful for harvesting crops quickly.




When a plant-like block is broken with a sickle, up to 49 plant-like blocks in a 7x7 area around it are broken as well. This also works on cobwebs. When sneaking, a sickle breaks only one block at a time.

Sickles use 1 durability for every individual block broken.


Material Uses Attack speed Attack damage Enchantability
Wood 236 1.4 3.5 15
Stone 524 1.4 4.5 5
Iron 1,000 1.4 5.5 14
Gold 128 1.4 3.5 22
Diamond 6,244 1.4 6.5 10


Sickles can be enchanted with the following enchantments:

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