April 7 updates and Thermal Innovation

On April 7, new updates were released for CoFH Core, Thermal Foundation, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Dynamics and Redstone Arsenal. The first version of Thermal Innovation was also released.


CoFH Core

  • Soulbound enchantment
    • Prevents items from being dropped on death.
    • Goes up to level III.
    • The enchantment level may be reduced by one on death.

Thermal Foundation

Thermal Expansion

Redstone Arsenal

Thermal Innovation

This is a new mod in the Thermal Series. It provides tools and gadgets that directly increase player power. The mod’s documentation is currently still being worked on, but here’s a quick overview.

  • Fluxbore
    • A Redstone Flux-powered pickaxe/shovel.
    • Higher tiers can mine larger areas at once, up to 5x5. This can be adjusted on the fly.
    • The more blocks that are mined at once, the slower the mining operation is (though it’s still faster considering how many blocks are mined).
    • These may be rebalanced a bit more based on feedback.
  • Fluxomagnet
    • Attracts distant items using Redstone Flux.
    • Can attract items passively from a certain radius (6 to 10 blocks, depending on tier).
    • Can be used actively to pull items to the wielder from a target area up to 64 blocks away.
    • Items can be filtered, like with satchels.
  • Hypoinfuser
    • Stores fluid potions, and can automatically infuse the wielder with them.
    • Can be used on entities to forcibly inject the contained potion.

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