Fluxed Electrum Block

Fluxed electrum block

Fluxed electrum blocks are blocks made from fluxed electrum ingots.


Fluxed electrum blocks can only be mined with an iron pickaxe or better.




Fluxed electrum blocks can be used to store fluxed electrum ingots in a compact way.


A fluxed electrum block damages entities that touch it. It deals 2 damage every half-second, regardless of armor.

Charging items

A fluxed electrum block charges items held by a player that touches it. Items that can store Redstone Flux are charged at a rate of 100 RF/t while the player takes damage.

Light source

Fluxed electrum blocks emit a light level of 7.

Mob spawning

Mobs will not spawn on top of fluxed electrum blocks.


Fluxed electrum blocks can be used to build beacon pyramids.

Crafting ingredient

Result(s)IngredientsCrafting recipe
Fluxed Electrum Ingot
Fluxed Electrum Block

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