Leadstone fluxduct

Fluxducts are blocks that transfer Redstone Flux between blocks.


Fluxducts come in six tiers, each with their own recipes.

A placed fluxduct can be instantly picked up by dismantling it with a wrench. It can also be mined using a pickaxe.



When placed, a fluxduct connects to any adjacent fluxducts and blocks that can transmit or receive Redstone Flux. Any connected side of a fluxduct can be disconnected and reconnected by using a wrench on it.

Energy transfer

When a block transmits Redstone Flux through a fluxduct, the energy is distributed to all connected blocks that can receive it, as evenly as possible.

A limited amount of energy per tick can be transferred through each fluxduct connection. However, there is no limit on how much power can travel through a fluxduct itself.

A network of fluxducts can store a certain amount of energy, so that unloaded chunks do not immediately cause it to stop supplying energy. The energy capacity of a network is proportional to the amount of blocks connected to it.


Fluxducts come in six tiers.

Tier Max. transfer per connection Note
Leadstone 1,000 RF/t  
Hardened 4,000 RF/t  
Redstone Energy 9,000 RF/t  
Signalum 16,000 RF/t  
Resonant 25,000 RF/t  
Cryo-Stabilized N/A No transfer limit; does not store energy.

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