A viaduct is a block that transfers players between configured locations.


A placed viaduct can be instantly picked up by dismantling it with a wrench. It can also be mined using a pickaxe.


Fluid Transposer

Result(s)IngredientsEnergyFluid Transposer recipe
Viaduct (Untreated) +
Zephyrean Aerotheum (100 mB)
800 RF



When placed, a viaduct connects to any adjacent viaducts. Any connected side of a viaduct can be disconnected and reconnected by using a wrench on it.

Player transfer

A side of a viaduct can be opened and closed by using a wrench on it. Every opened side in a network of viaducts counts as both an entrance and a destination. Every destination can be given a name and an item icon.

When used by a player, a viaduct entrance allows them to pick a destination on the viaduct network. After choosing a destination, the player is transferred there through the viaducts. While traveling, they can exit the viaducts at any time by sneaking.

Players in a viaduct move at a speed of 10 blocks per second (2 ticks per block). The speed may be increased by using long range viaducts.

Fluid Transposer ingredient

Result(s)IngredientsEnergyFluid Transposer recipe
Long Range Linking Viaduct
Viaduct +
Resonant Ender (1,000 mB)
8,000 RF

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