Long Range Linking Viaduct

Long range linking viaduct

A long range linking viaduct is a type of viaduct used to connect regular viaducts to long range viaducts.


Fluid Transposer

IngredientsEnergyFluid Transposer recipe
Viaduct +
Resonant Ender (1,000 mB)
8,000 RF



When placed, a long range linking viaduct connects to any adjacent viaducts. When used by a player, the duct scans for other long range linking viaducts on the other side of any connected sections of long range viaducts. When these are found, the long range linking viaduct becomes functional.

Player transfer

A long range linking viaduct acts as a bridge between regular viaducts and long range viaducts. Unlike regular viaducts, they cannot be used as entrances or destinations; players can only move through them while traveling through a network of viaducts.

When a player moves through a long range linking viaduct to enter a section of long range viaducts, they are briefly stopped to ‘charge’ for 20 ticks (one second).

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