An itemduct is a block that transfers items between blocks.


A placed itemduct can be instantly picked up by dismantling it with a wrench. It can also be mined using a pickaxe.




When placed, an itemduct connects to any adjacent itemducts and blocks that can output or receive items. Any connected side of an itemduct can be disconnected and reconnected by using a wrench on it.

Item transfer

When a block inserts items into an itemduct, the items are transported to the nearest connected block that can receive them. An itemduct will not accept items if they have nowhere to go.

Items in an itemduct gradually move towards their destination, at a speed of half a block per second (40 ticks per block). The speed may be increased by using impulse itemducts and/or advanced servos and retrievers.

Dense and vacuum itemducts change the length of the path they are placed in, which may affect item routing. A dense itemduct dramatically increases path length, which decreases the priority of destinations behind it by default. A vacuum itemduct dramatically decreases path length, which increases the priority of destinations behind it by default. Note that the way items are routed may be changed by servos and retrievers.


Certain items can be attached to itemduct connections to change how itemducts work. Servos allow itemduct connections to pull items out of blocks, filters allow them to restrict which items may pass through, and retrievers allow them to pull items towards themselves from other blocks connected to the network.

Fluid Transposer ingredient

Result(s)IngredientsEnergyFluid Transposer recipe
Impulse Itemduct
Itemduct +
Energized Glowstone (200 mB)
800 RF

Crafting ingredient

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