Alchemical Quiver

Alchemical quiver (Basic)

An alchemical quiver is an item that stores arrows and can automatically imbue them with fluid potions.




Arrow storage

When an alchemical quiver is used, arrows in the user’s inventory are stored in it. The quiver can then be used as ammunition for bows. When the quiver is used while sneaking, stored arrows are removed from it.

A basic alchemical quiver can store up to 40 arrows. This can be increased by upgrading the quiver to a higher tier.

Filling and draining

An alchemical quiver can hold the fluid form or any regular potion. It can be filled and drained manually by using it on a block that can hold fluid potions, or automatically using a fluid transposer or similar. It can also be filled by combining it with a potion in a crafting grid.

A basic alchemical quiver can store up to 8 bottles worth of a potion (2,000 mB). This can be increased by upgrading the alchemical quiver to a higher tier.

An alchemical quiver only works with regular potions; it does not work with splash potions or lingering potions.

Imbuing arrows

A filled alchemical quiver is capable of automatically imbuing arrows with the contained potion. This can be enabled and disabled by pressing “Cycle Item Mode” (V by default) while holding the quiver.

When used as ammunition for a bow, an active alchemical quiver imbues a stored arrow with 50 mB of the contained potion, turning the arrow into a tipped arrow before it is fired.


The top and bottom parts of an alchemical quiver can be dyed by combining the quiver with dyes in a crafting grid. The top and/or bottom parts are dyed depending on the dyes’ positions around the quiver in the crafting grid. The dyes can be removed by placing the quiver in a crafting grid.


An alchemical quiver can be enchanted with Holding to increase its arrow and potion capacity.

Holding level Capacity multiplier
I × 1.5
II × 2
III × 2.5
IV × 3


Alchemical quivers come in six tiers.

Tier Arrow capacity Potion capacity (bottles) Note
Basic 40 2,000 mB 8  
Hardened 120 6,000 mB 24  
Reinforced 240 12,000 mB 48  
Signalum 400 20,000 mB 80  
Resonant 600 30,000 mB 120  
Creative N/A N/A   Provides infinite arrows and an unlimited amount of the potion it holds.

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