Fluxsaw (Basic)

A fluxsaw, or saw for short, is a tool that cuts blocks using Redstone Flux. It functions as an axe and shears.





A fluxsaw can be charged with Redstone Flux using an energetic infuser, a flux capacitor or similar.

A basic fluxsaw can hold up to 40,000 RF and can be charged at up to 1,000 RF/t. This can be increased by upgrading the fluxsaw to a higher tier.

An uncharged fluxsaw is still usable and will not break when used, but it is very weak.

Chopping wood

A fluxsaw can be used as an axe to break wooden blocks quickly. It consumes 200 RF for each broken block.

A charged basic fluxsaw is comparable to an iron axe. It becomes more powerful when upgraded to a higher tier.

A charged fluxsaw can be configured to break multiple blocks at once in a certain area. When breaking multiple blocks, a fluxsaw works slightly slower. The current breaking area of a fluxsaw can be set by pressing “Cycle Item Mode” (V by default) while holding it. The following modes are available for breaking multiple blocks, in order of how powerful they are:

When sneaking, a fluxsaw always breaks only one block at a time.


A charged fluxsaw can be used as shears. When shearing, it consumes 200 RF per use. However, it also deals 1 damage per use.


An uncharged fluxsaw has an attack speed of 0.8, and deals 1 damage. A charged fluxsaw has an attack speed of 2. When charged, a basic fluxsaw deals 5 damage. The damage when charged can be increased by upgrading the fluxsaw to a higher tier.

A charged fluxsaw consumes 400 RF per hit.


A fluxsaw can be dyed by combining it with a dye in a crafting grid. The dye can be removed by placing the fluxsaw in a crafting grid.


A fluxsaw can receive all the enchantments that axes can receive.

A basic fluxsaw has an enchantability of 10. This can be increased by upgrading the fluxsaw to a higher tier.

When enchanted with Unbreaking, a fluxsaw has a chance to not consume Redstone Flux when used.

Unbreaking level No energy use chance
I 33%
II 50%
III 60%

A fluxsaw can also be enchanted with Holding to increase its energy capacity.

Holding level Capacity multiplier
I × 1.5
II × 2
III × 2.5
IV × 3


Fluxsaws come in six tiers.

Tier Capacity Max. charge rate Breaking speed Max. area breaking mode Attack damage Enchantability Note
Basic 40,000 RF 1,000 RF/t 6 Tunnel: 1x3 5 10 Comparable to an iron axe.
Hardened 120,000 RF 4,000 RF/t 7.5 Area: 3x3 5.5 10  
Reinforced 240,000 RF 9,000 RF/t 9 Area: 3x3 6 15 Comparable to a diamond axe.
Signalum 400,000 RF 16,000 RF/t 10.5 Area: 3x3x3 6.5 15  
Resonant 600,000 RF 25,000 RF/t 12 Area: 5x5 7 20  
Creative N/A N/A 12 Area: 5x5 7 20 Does not consume energy.

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