cave is one of the distribution types provided by CoFH World. It distributes features in the floors or ceilings of caves. It does so by randomly picking X and Z coordinates and a Y coordinate below ground, finding the nearest cave (if any), and placing features in the cave’s floor or ceiling at those X and Z coordinates.

If a cave cannot be found at randomly chosen coordinates, it still counts towards the value cluster-count of the feature entry.

When using this distribution type, the feature type cluster is used by default, and the value material of feature type configurations is set to stone (and all of its variations) by default.


When using this distribution type, the following values may be added to the feature entry.

Name Type Default Description
ceiling (optional) Boolean false If false, features are distributed in floors of caves. If true, they are distributed in ceilings.
ground-level (optional) Number / number provider (Taken from world) The altitude below which to look for caves to distribute features in. Evaluated once per feature.


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