This page describes the files that are used to configure the world generation of CoFH World.

File structure

The world generator configuration is specified by .json files in the cofh/world directory inside Minecraft Forge’s config directory. The directory is read recursively, so the files may be grouped in subfolders.

The cofh/world directory contains one or more files by default: 00_minecraft.json, and the default files added by Thermal Foundation if it is installed. Other mods may also add files for their default world generation.

The files in the directory are read in alphabetical order. This can be used to make certain features generate before others.

00_minecraft.json is a special file that is not read by default. It contains configuration for generating most of the features that Minecraft generates in worlds by default, such as ores. Setting ReplaceStandardGeneration to true in CoFH World’s mod configuration file disables much of Minecraft’s own feature generation and makes it so that 00_minecraft.json is read instead. This allows users to adjust or disable the generation of these features.

File format

All world generation files must contain valid JSON or HOCON data. From now on, JSON terms will be used to describe the format of the data.

Each world generation file consists of a single object with the following values.

Name Type Default Description
populate Object - An object whose values each describe a feature to generate in the world (or: to ‘populate’ the world with). The page Feature format describes how to specify a feature.
dependencies (optional) Forge mod entry / array of Forge mod entries (None) The mod or mods that must be loaded in order for the file to be read. If any of the specified mods are not loaded, the entire file is skipped.
enabled (optional) Boolean true Whether the file should be read at all. If set to false, the entire file is skipped.
priority (optional) Number 0 The loading priority of the file. Files with a higher priority are read first.
namespace (optional) String (None) When specified, this string is prepended to the names of the features described in populate. This can be used to prevent name conflicts with features described in other files.

Forge mod entry

A Forge mod entry describes a mod, optionally with a specific version or range of versions. It is an object with the following values.

Value Type Default Description
id String - The internal mod ID that the mod registers itself with.
version (optional) String (Any version) The version of the mod. May be a specific version, or a Maven-compatible version range.
exclude (optional) Boolean false If true, the file will only be read if the specified mod is not installed.

A Forge mod entry may also be specified as a string. In that case, it is read as the id value.


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