surface is one of the distribution types provided by CoFH World. It distributes features on the surface. It does so by randomly picking X and Z coordinates and placing features on top of the highest blocks at those coordinates.

When using this distribution type, the feature type cluster is used by default, and the value material of feature type configurations is set to stone, dirt, grass blocks, sand, gravel, snow, air and water (and all variations of these blocks) by default. Note that air is included because air blocks must be replaced when generating features on the surface.


When using this distribution type, the following values may be added to the feature entry.

Name Type Default Description
material (optional) Block ID / array of block IDs (Same as default material value of feature type configurations, described above) The type(s) of block that features may be placed on top of. A feature will only be generated at randomly chosen X and Z coordinates if the type of the highest block at those coordinates is specified here. Otherwise, the feature is skipped, but still counts towards the value cluster-count of the feature entry.
follow-terrain (optional) Boolean false If false, only ‘terrain’ blocks count when finding the highest block at randomly chosen X and Z coordinates. Blocks that make up trees, as well as ‘replaceable’ blocks such as small plants and fluids, are ignored. If true, any block counts when finding the highest block.

(Yes, the effects of true and false are the wrong way around. It’s kept this way for now to not break existing configurations.)


Coming soon…

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