gaussian is one of the distribution types provided by CoFH World. It distributes features spread around a certain altitude. The features are the most common at that altitude and gradually become less common further away from it. Lapis lazuli ore is distributed like this.

When using this distribution type, the feature type cluster is used by default, and the value material of feature type configurations is set to stone (and all of its variations) by default.


When using this distribution type, the following values must be added to the feature entry.

Name Type Default Description
center-height Number / number provider - The altitude to place features around. Evaluated once per feature.
spread Number / number provider - The maximum distance from the center altitude at which features may be placed, in blocks. Evaluated once per feature.
smoothness (optional) Number / number provider 2 Determines how smoothly the amount of features declines when further from the center altitude. Must be greater than zero. The default value makes the decline roughly linear. Higher values may cause small amounts of features to be placed beyond the configured altitudes. Evaluated once per feature.


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