boulder is one of the feature types provided by CoFH World. It generates groups of boulders, which are nearly spherical deposits of blocks, like the moss stone boulders that are generated by default.

Boulders are only generated on the surface or underground. They are never generated in midair.

The value material of a feature type configuration is only used to determine the position of boulders. When generating the boulders themselves, any block may be replaced.


When using this feature type, the following values must be added to the feature type configuration.

Name Type Default Description
block Block ID / array of block IDs - The type(s) of block that boulders consist of. When specified as an array, a block type is selected randomly for each generated block.
diameter Number - The minimum radius of a boulder, in blocks.
size-variance (optional) Number 2 The maximum amount of blocks that may be randomly added to the minimum radius of a boulder.
count (optional) Number 3 The amount of boulders that a group of boulders may consist of.
count-variance (optional) Number 0 The maximum amount that may be randomly added to the number of boulders in a group.
hollow (optional) Boolean false If true, boulders are hollowed out with air blocks on the inside.
hollow-size (optional) Number 0.1665 The size of the hollow part of a hollow boulder. Some experimenting will be needed for the desired result. Note that higher values will make the hollow part larger than the boulder itself.
hollow-variance (optional) Number 0 How much the size of the hollow part of hollow boulders may differ per boulder. May be any value between 0 and 1. Applied to hollow-size as follows: [hollow-size] * (1 - [random 0.0-1.0] * [hollow-variance]).


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