sparse-cluster is one of the feature types provided by CoFH World. It is nearly equivalent to cluster, but generates deposits of blocks more rarely when a smaller size is set.


When using this feature type, the following values must be added to the feature type configuration.

Name Type Default Description
block Block ID / array of block IDs - The type(s) of block that the deposits consist of. When specified as an array, a block type is selected randomly for each generated block.
cluster-size Number - How large the deposits are. This value is not measured in blocks, so some experimenting is needed to obtain the desired result. When lower than 4, deposits only have a chance to be generated. At 3, 1 in 3 deposits will actually be generated. At 2, this is 1 in 6 deposits, and at 1 it is 1 in 12.


Coming soon…

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