Feature types

This page lists the available types of features that can be generated in the world using CoFH World. The feature types to use are specified when describing features.

Feature type Description
cluster A somewhat round deposit of blocks; often used for generating ores.
sparse-cluster Like cluster, but generates more rarely with smaller sizes.
large-vein A deposit consisting of a group of branches that start from a center point; can get very large.
decoration A group of individual blocks scattered around on a surface.
lake Shaped like naturally generated ponds of water or lava.
plate A vertical cylinder of blocks, similar to clay deposits.
geode Shape is similar to lake, except completely filled with and surrounded by blocks.
spike An upwards pointing spike, like the ones in ice plains spikes biomes.
boulder A group of nearly spherical deposits of blocks.
stalagmite An upwards pointing spike.
stalactite A downwards pointing spike.
small-tree A small oak-shaped tree.
spout A column of blocks of a certain height, generated from the bottom up.
structure A structure loaded from an NBT file.
sequential Multiple features at the same location, one after the other.
consecutive Loops through a list of features, generating one at a time.

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